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Refuge in the refuse dump!

I left the house that day, in other to get water.
Our tap went bad, and the caretaker kept promising, “I’ve contacted the plumber for repairs, he’ll soon come.” He kept promising for days and it sounded like an empty talk with no weight to stand.

It was slightly stressful leaving the house and going two, three, and many more rounds till you
get your water pot filled.

I changed my direction that day from the usual buying center to mama joy’s shop.
She sells water alongside provisions.
it was not as far as the usual place we trek to. “How come, we’ve never heard about this place.” I talked within, and my heart leaped with joy like Mary when she saw Elizabeth and found that she too was with child.

I got water and was going home when I saw a Hausa man at the refuse dump along the roadside. He was scrutinizing the waste and to my amazement, he picked some and gathered them in his big white sac. He wore a satisfying look and was so engrossed in the act. It was like some sort of gold discovery in the depth of the soil.

I watched him while I walked past till my eyes could stretch no more.

I will liken this Hausa man, to God our father. Guess what? He comes to the refuse dump daily to pick up the lost, the broken, and the waste trampled upon my men.

It’s not the end if you are in the refuse dump already. He has come for you. Hey, there’s a refuge for you in the dump, he’s Jesus.

You are to him a fine gold in the depth of the soil and he has come to discover you.

You can make it faster when you shout, Can you shout from beneath the dungeon where you’ve been, shout out like Bartimaeus the blind?

It was for you he came and no one else.
Don’t let him leave without finding you.
The son of David still saves, he’ll find YOU!!



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