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That day will come!

When the examination timetable came out, my colleagues were not happy at all. “What’s this, why this much space in between.” they talked, each expressing his displeasure and annoyance.

They felt that the spacing will make them loosen, and make the examination period that they dread so much last longer.

“Oh, how I wish it was just a day interval at least and at most two days.” they moaned more in loud tones.

“If you like don’t go and read, be there and be making empty noise.” the exams officer said unapologetically and locked his office before walking out of sight.

Although I didn’t join the talk publicly, however, I wished it wasn’t that prolonged too. Day one, day two, and three and we were still counting.

Amazingly, the long days we felt may never break came and passed like it was just a week. It was seeming so long at first, but gradually it rolled over and we finished before we knew it.

My lesson from this experience is that even that day of the lord will break according to the scriptures. There is this saying that most of us say especially when you feel like you have over-waited for someone. “No come they like the coming of Jesus oh.” We’ll say without shame.

Maybe it’s because you feel like since you were given birth to, you have been hearing that “Jesus is coming soon. Repent and be clean.” And right now you’re not even sure if it’s going to happen.

Hey, we felt so for our exams, but it did come to pass. Come to think of it, the exams were stipulated by men and nothing could change it.

How much more about a divine verdict, a holy saying, the word of God? Dear reader, not a dot of his word shall fail. No doubt it may seem long and never coming, but hey, don’t be loosened, don’t fall out of grace, and don’t dwindle in steadfastness.

Faithful is the lord who has promised, he will surely bring it to pass. That day will COME!

Verse to instruct. 1 thess 5:2KJV(For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night)



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