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Life’s becoming all too painful. Today sarah is gone and tomorrow Stephen is strangled.
Should I stay indoors,letting go every single dream?
And then wait for my bell to call for me?

No, i find that won’t do. I’ll rather be about life’s affair,pursuing those dreams.
And in all the pursuits,I must remember that,this side is not permanent.

An old man would ask for my memoir,it better be not stained with unholy toils. For it guarantees my rest type.
“A good or a bad” who can deduce?
I will do well to ensure that I cross Jordan.
For rest resides beyond the river!


I stepped into the bath tub
For a chilly bath

My wife came for the weekend

And oh
After drenching my eyes in soapy effervescence
The bath tub became a torrential ocean

And yes
I hollered,honey am drowning
Being embellished in flurries of oblivion
That my nightmare pays me now a visit

I heard a mans voice
Sounding like a confluent tide
Stop there,unwise fellow
You have no monument here

The only favor Mr brain did me
Was a reminiscence of my neighbor’s pet

It always sings out loud
After earth’s cables welcomes explosion
Comes another power supply
Whose brightness weighs your core recesses

It sings again
The evening bell comes unannounced

So excruciating no one present to answer my mumblings
Is this the end?

Open I my eyes again
In the dinning find I my heavy limbs
Panting heavily as I enfolded pseudo rest

Eat up she chuckled
Finding my nightmare a lullaby

Am so worked up
Am gonna give my awry toils a go
I hollered
My nightmare is no far from reality

And now
Am working towards
Having monuments up there
A fellow unwise
No longer be will I
For my father
Is the true vine!


A voyage to Golgotha
Cruel soldiers webbed in company
A wooden cross he held!

A voyage to Golgotha
Thorns hemmed like a crown
An innocence broken!

A voyage to Golgotha
A route where pain lodged
A rhythm of mockery poetry!

A voyage to Golgotha
where calvary came for a cling
All wools birthed out of crimson!

A voyage to Golgotha
For in history man knew no glory
As such roped in Golgotha’s hope!

A voyage to Golgotha
Where unfeigned love poured like wine
To every tongue for a taste!

Amazing grace says so!

I want to go to heaven
For there the final party shall be held
A joy immeasurable tied in quiet peace
Shall be present too
The mansion builder says so
But am all lies no truth residing in all my head!

I want to go to heaven
Holiness is pilot for the flight
But am all filthy
Even my receding imaginations affirm
And my conscience says so
In my dream
I find no monument above
Every ounce of my energy
Sapped out
For partying in earth’s doomed club
The great journal says so!

I want to go to heaven
Though frail and underserving
Yet I’ll hold unto the edges of the cross
For there lies my hope
His blood atoning
The promise of redemption
A translation to his kingdom divine
From sinful earth
To holy heaven
Amazing grace says so!   

The vile breed!

The ancestors came crying

A volcano from the grave

A mystic rhythm of a far away land

Blended with the rhapsody of the physical

The gone nobles showed up in utter fume

With a gift called death

Who fed our sons with vile?

Who showed our daughters innuendo?

Life opened wide her door

But she was too archaic to be alluring

They received the gift of death

And left no land mark!

The physiotherapist office!

I accompanied an old folk to keep up with his appointment at the physiotherapist office. He had been down with a health challenge and found it strain to walk with his left leg. On reaching there I saw two other folks in a more pathetic state than the person i went there with. Almost immediately one hundred and one barrels of appreciation hurried down and tugged at his heart string. He became so grateful to God for his mercy and faithfulness. A man shared his testimony, I just got an employment with the fire service under the federal government. I resumed for training and had almost concluded when I suddenly could no longer walk,talk or even remember a thing. Am trying to get back right on track. It’s been two years he added. His left partition of the body hasn’t responded yet.

A young man named Stanley also came on board. He looked so handsome but couldn’t move his right hand. He said he was given birth to in that condition. Both young and old folk with pathetic challenges. All of them were striving to get back on track. They were not giving up! But guess what. They are responding to their challenges positively. They’ve shown doggedness. Oh yes, life may have slept on the bad side of her bed and when she’s up,she gives you all the bad. Unfortunately you can’t see her you’d have loved to ask her. “What have I done”

These folks have buried an indomitable courage in their hearts and are working towards rising again. The ice storm has bent them down so hard in winter. But they’re waiting for the summer sun. When they shall rise like the birche tree. Rising beyond who they use to me. Oh yes,your response to circumstances determines your strength. And let me remind you, if your strength should fail in adversity then your strength is little. Before you get worked up,how do i gain strength when everything life presents is bleak? There’s a man I know,he’s strength personified go find him@Jesuschrist. On your bed,on your knees any where any how. Just confide in him. He gives joy in hurting moments. He gives hope that transcends the now. He speaks assuredly to folks who invites him”And lo, I am with you”

You may not be a physiotherapist to help people get back on life’s track from diverse challenges they face, but you can give that crying baby a smile. No matter your profession, location or capacity. Allow the hope of glory in you to give hurting hearts hope. Save a life today. Help that old and young to catch hope and smile at its ray. Be committed, be consistent. Every work place is an altar. Treat people nice. Heaven’s watching. The righteous judge will surely recompense. You will find your bread after many days if casted upon the water.

On your path, be strong,be resilient,life will always bring the unsolicited. Be ready to greet all guest,wash all your pots and dishes. You may need a red hot heat too. We’ll all have to cook unexpected meals for unexpected guests that life will bring. Here’s the constant in the equation.”And lo,I am with you”

#Happy independence Nigeria! #My independence cake to you! #IPA writes!

The Ominous Note!

Move like the whirlwind

Let haste to the other world usher you

Where generations yet to come inhabits

To relay the forefather’s message

Before decadence outruns you

Even perverseness has boarded a plane

She hired corruption a pilot

For surely the long home soon for you shall call

When life becomes feeble to host you!

The Trek!

A long midnight trek!

Bathed in fear

Bars crossed, with no etch of destination!

A long midnight trek!

Furnished in week strength

As forbidden paths we kissed!

A long midnight trek!

When light has gone to bed

Worms came for a romance!

A long midnight trek!

Captives we became

Our shouts gave up the ghost!

A long midnight trek!

With no return for a thought

Unseen rhapsody offered a piercing shriek!

A long midnight trek!

No sigh left in consciousness

As reality hollered, you’re locked in an open cave!

A long midnight trek!

With no joy for arrival

Our teeths gnashed

For the other end posits a bad good!

Man And Life!

Oh life who are you?

All my strive is to thrive

Yet unsatisfied is my appetite

No gift from you is worthy a portion!

Oh life who are you?

You squeeze me hard and leaves me lethargic

Your crescendo of my fading away

Sets me in an unending race!

Oh life who are you?

Day by day you unfold events unsolicited

Though unarmed I refuse to succumb

But you render me despondent

Oh life who are you?

You make futile my escapades

And you vent in your anger I came empty

And empty i shall sail back!

Oh life who are you?

Do you come from a land far away?

To keep me company awhile?

Would you take me to your kinsmen?

Or come pushing me to leave no farewell behind?