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This is not my food!

I visited Lara and her mum over the weekend and it was a pleasurable experience. I was given a warm welcome and a ghost of smile settled on the edge of my lips. “it’s been a while and I’m so happy to see you.” I said to Lara. “Me too.” she said and her Mum pulled me close for a warm tight and cozy hug. “How are your parents doing?” she asked. “They’re good and they send their greetings too.” I made a reply.

Lara and I had been good friends since our childhood days and till now we’re still the best team. We brought back those amazing memories by watching our childhood pictures and her Mum too told us a lot of stories. “Lara was so dramatic always crying and running around in her p**nts and finally she will lay in the sand for more episodes.” Her Mum said, making an end to the story and we laughed in unison. The walls of our stomach screeched and that joyous moment of happiness was second to none.

It was morning and breakfast was served. “Oh my God, I don’t eat Irish potatoes.” I cried out. We were served fried Irish potatoes and fried eggs accompanied with a thick hot tea that has a delightful aroma.
“Oh my, so sorry dear. I will make another thing for you.” Her Mum said and asked me what I’d prefer. After telling her, I seeped by tea while I waited for my breakfast.

We all have our individual allergies but that’s not the catch here. It’s interesting to note that, even though she visited Lara and was excited to see her, she didn’t jump on the meal served. She knew that for Irish potatoes, it’s a ‘no-no!’

Dear reader, do you also know that not all food are yours to eat? Do have a demarcation between right and wrong? Do you out of excitement sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? Think about it.

Though it was time for breakfast and she was hungry too but she knew deep within that this was not her food. I pray that we rise above pressure and do what the father expects of us. Be bold, be courageous, be discipline, don’t rush to eat.

Stand out like Daniel of old and scream out loud “I’m sorry eunuch, but this is not my food!”



You’ve got grace!

Meet Chioma, my friend. She’s a devoted child of God who is deeply in love with the Holy Spirit. She’s in her third year at the University of Ibadan where she studies Veterinary Medicine. She came home last week for the holiday and when the news reached me my heart was dyed with pure Joy and I couldn’t wait to see her.

You’ve got grace!

“Jemimah.” My Mum called.
“Why are you up so early? Moreover, it’s Saturday,” she added and wore a confused look.

“Mum, Chioma is in town and I need to go and see her. I won’t be back till evening.” I talked.
I quickly gulped my tea and my throat was revived. I dashed out of the house at the speed of light and I drove very fast. Mum allowed me to use her car after minutes of a hilarious debate.
But guess what? I won!

“Oh my God,” Chioma shouted when she saw me. She pulled me close and hugged me tight. We turned around and around enfolding ourselves for minutes before letting go.

We entered her room and I slipped into the bed. “I’m so happy to see you.” I talked, smiling broadly. I got up and was taken aback by the looks on her oval face.

“Jemimah, thank God you came,” she said and teared up. Silence swept through the room for a while before she proceeded.
“Hey Chioma, you know you can talk to me, right? I’m all here for you.” I said and gave her hand a firm grip of love.

“My heart is sinking.” she let out painfully. Those words rushed out and real concern wrapped my heart. I watched her lips closely, counting every word, hearing every sound.

“I’m pressured to go the way of all the earth. Jemimah, In the apartment where I stay at school a lot happens. Guys bring in ladies and they have s*x. Most of the time, they scream out unholy words that blunder right into the ears, and my thought travels far. I even try to imagine that it was me. They wear beautiful dresses, they eat nice meals and they’re never broke. Most times I face difficulties, and hard moments and I feel like my body wants some fun too. I feel like I need a man to make me feel like a woman. ” She narrated.

“On some days I feel like God is so far even though he’s not. I’m just locked in a cave of a fierce battle and I fear if there’d be an opening.” she summed up.

The sincerity in her voice made my heart skip and rip and then it came back to a regular. Tears streamed down our faces recklessly and I knew what she meant.

“I can’t agree more, I face the same thing too but hey you’ve got Grace. God’s Grace is sufficient for you.” I said and reached out for her Bible.

“You’ve got Grace. We’ve got Grace.” I talked.

Chioma felt strong again and the word of God broke her heart free from the weight of this fierce battle. We read scriptures from morning till evening and we prayed earnestly for that sufficient Grace to reach us.

It was time to go and she walked me to the gate and waved till I vanished out of her sight.
“I love you, dear friend. Always remember, You’ve got Grace.” I roared and the looks on my face gave a hope to trust. “We’ll win in the end!” she declared.

Dear reader, I can imagine what it means to be a genuine child of God in this untoward generation but hey, just like Jemimah told her friend, Always remember, You’ve Got Grace! The battle is fierce, but God’s Grace is enough if only you desire it.

Grace to remain unstained. Grace to continue in the faith. Grace to love Jesus. Grace to stand for righteousness. Don’t fall for the devil’s lies you’re not missing out on anything. There’s no fun in fornication, Abstinence is the code.

Always remember, YOU’VE GOT GRACE!

Verse to instruct; Titus 2:11-12″For the Grace of God that bringeth salvation has appeared to all men; teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lust, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.”


Alexandra the Church Girl!

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:::::Alexandra the Church Girl

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Introduction; Alexandra was a devoted child of God who was in her final year at the university. After serving God faithfully all these years, God showed up and said she was going to get married to a cultist who saved her from being raped. Was God for real? How could she? Was this cultist going to fall in love with a church girl? How on earth is this going to happen?

You’ll find out soon. Two episodes weekly on my page@Isama Peace. Follow up asap so you don’t miss out on the full gist.

It promises to be inspiring, entertaining, interesting, and spirit-filled.

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Baby Vannah!

Baby Vannah leaped for joy the moment her mom returned from work. I was amazed at how well and accurately she could recognize her mom at a very young age.

She wasn’t talking yet but she desired to speak so badly and it was obvious by the way her lips moved. I felt like she was trying to call that name “Mummy, my mummy is back” as she crawled to the door in genuine innocence.

The house was flooded with youngsters playing and jumping around. The sitting room was a whole mess. Trust kids, they will never be in a place and not leave an indelible mark. Baby Vannah couldn’t jump all around like them so she maintained her angle and did her thing. She was happy too but everything wasn’t complete because Mummy was still away.

There was a knock at the door and guess what? Mummy was now in town. “Mummy, mummy they all jumped and leaped for joy when she returned and Baby Vannah wasn’t left out she knew who mummy was and she could feel her presence in earnest warmth.

The room beamed with rejoicing, all faces were lighted. Joy unspeakable and peace so heavenly filled every heart. Daddy has been at home and they enjoyed his stay but there’s something with the return of mummy.

Baby Vannah’s finger drummed in the air she was soaked in complete happiness. “Mummy, mummy,” she whispered in her own way and wouldn’t want her to go away. No, not just yet.

I don’t know what your experience has been. But hey, get up and be ready mummy will soon be in town. Your good news is on the way. Your revival is here. Your answer is ready. Mummy is home!

Baby Vannah knew who mummy was. Mummy brought her joy and made her smile. We also have someone who has promised to bring us joy, make us smile, and lift us. Do you know him? He’s Jesus, the prince of peace.

This promise belongs to those who are his. Remember only the youngsters in the sitting room received the joy that mummy brought.

Hurry now and get to Zion, the city of the king. Only in Zion are joy and peace given. Only in Zion lies the true blessing of heaven coming down to man.

As for me, I’m off to Zion! Join me now, the gate is still wide open!


That day will come!

When the examination timetable came out, my colleagues were not happy at all. “What’s this, why this much space in between.” they talked, each expressing his displeasure and annoyance.

They felt that the spacing will make them loosen, and make the examination period that they dread so much last longer.

“Oh, how I wish it was just a day interval at least and at most two days.” they moaned more in loud tones.

“If you like don’t go and read, be there and be making empty noise.” the exams officer said unapologetically and locked his office before walking out of sight.

Although I didn’t join the talk publicly, however, I wished it wasn’t that prolonged too. Day one, day two, and three and we were still counting.

Amazingly, the long days we felt may never break came and passed like it was just a week. It was seeming so long at first, but gradually it rolled over and we finished before we knew it.

My lesson from this experience is that even that day of the lord will break according to the scriptures. There is this saying that most of us say especially when you feel like you have over-waited for someone. “No come they like the coming of Jesus oh.” We’ll say without shame.

Maybe it’s because you feel like since you were given birth to, you have been hearing that “Jesus is coming soon. Repent and be clean.” And right now you’re not even sure if it’s going to happen.

Hey, we felt so for our exams, but it did come to pass. Come to think of it, the exams were stipulated by men and nothing could change it.

How much more about a divine verdict, a holy saying, the word of God? Dear reader, not a dot of his word shall fail. No doubt it may seem long and never coming, but hey, don’t be loosened, don’t fall out of grace, and don’t dwindle in steadfastness.

Faithful is the lord who has promised, he will surely bring it to pass. That day will COME!

Verse to instruct. 1 thess 5:2KJV(For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night)


This is where it hurts!

I come from a place
where nothing new is fetched
All future dreams lay bare
Even in grandpa’s eyes there are tears.

I come from a place
Where big seats belong to those deemed fit
Not even crumbs remain for us to eat
Crocodiles surf, and guerillas lurk.

I come from a place
Where justice has gone extinct
Law and order are trafficked for minced meat
And the poor jury commits pseudo-perjury.

I come from a place
Where her leaders are cannibals
“Kill and eat,” they say in their carnivals
Corruption is now an annual festival.

This is where it hurts!
This is where it hurts!
Are we not worth any good?
Is there no beauty in our darling dreams?
Switchblades in our teary eyes, loud silences, our voices die.

Who will listen to our clamoring?
Who will wipe our tears without devouring?
Oh, this is where it hurts!


Wake up!

“Wake up, wake up!” Mom shouted.
“Oh, my goodness, this is Saturday one should sleep off the week’s stress.” I talked, my eyes sleepy.

“Learning how to rise early is very important, the early bird catches the worm. Haven’t you heard?” she asked, looking in my direction.

This time she had successfully removed the thick cold blocking blanket from my tender warmth seeking body. She stood still and wouldn’t move an inch till I got up.

I was sincerely tired but I had no option. Mom was always on my neck on the issue of getting up early. She believes that anyone who learns the act of getting up early has discovered a bright regulation.

She claims it has a lot of benefits.
Getting things done on time, getting things in the freshest state, and getting the best before other people would get up.

“The morning hours come with this dew that gives whosoever finds it, the best” she’d always say. “Yes ma’am,” I said and moved in her direction as she led me into the kitchen.

I attended to the house chores, I prepared breakfast and amazingly, I still had enough time all to myself. The icing that made the cake even more delicious was when dad returned from his trip.

Mom told him that I got up early and did a whole lot of work. He was so pleased with me and he gave me a gift. Guess what? It was a new laptop.

“How did you get it so well, my prayer point for two months now.” I wondered in my thoughts.

“Oh my God, thanks dad, you’re the best,” I said and gave him a warm cozy hug that lasted for a while.

Getting up early is a bright regulation. Aren’t you tired of always coming behind? Until the sun shines your day hasn’t started.

It’s high time you defined your goals and begin to pursue them and you have to pursue them early.

For that beautiful tomorrow dear reader, start early. Begin the preparation now.
Don’t wait till the opportunity knocks at your door. Strive that it meets you prepared.

I got a laptop from dad, but hey, tomorrow is loaded for what you may never imagine. It’s beyond just a laptop so to speak, if only you will begin early.

Arise early and eat for the journey is FAR!!

©IPA_ Fictions

Refuge in the refuse dump!

I left the house that day, in other to get water.
Our tap went bad, and the caretaker kept promising, “I’ve contacted the plumber for repairs, he’ll soon come.” He kept promising for days and it sounded like an empty talk with no weight to stand.

It was slightly stressful leaving the house and going two, three, and many more rounds till you
get your water pot filled.

I changed my direction that day from the usual buying center to mama joy’s shop.
She sells water alongside provisions.
it was not as far as the usual place we trek to. “How come, we’ve never heard about this place.” I talked within, and my heart leaped with joy like Mary when she saw Elizabeth and found that she too was with child.

I got water and was going home when I saw a Hausa man at the refuse dump along the roadside. He was scrutinizing the waste and to my amazement, he picked some and gathered them in his big white sac. He wore a satisfying look and was so engrossed in the act. It was like some sort of gold discovery in the depth of the soil.

I watched him while I walked past till my eyes could stretch no more.

I will liken this Hausa man, to God our father. Guess what? He comes to the refuse dump daily to pick up the lost, the broken, and the waste trampled upon my men.

It’s not the end if you are in the refuse dump already. He has come for you. Hey, there’s a refuge for you in the dump, he’s Jesus.

You are to him a fine gold in the depth of the soil and he has come to discover you.

You can make it faster when you shout, Can you shout from beneath the dungeon where you’ve been, shout out like Bartimaeus the blind?

It was for you he came and no one else.
Don’t let him leave without finding you.
The son of David still saves, he’ll find YOU!!