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Book Release!!

The Novel, THREADS OF HOPE, is Now Available.💃💃💃

It promises to be inspiring, and entertaining, yet spirit-filled.

Get ready to be blessed!

In reading, you will find that, we live by faith, we follow fate as life unfolds itself in phases. Melody, a young Christian girl left home on a journey of restitution. She hoped for the fulfillment of God’s promises to her all at once. But then, before her stretches a big blue sea of contradictions.

A raging storm glared at her decision. Was she able to sail through? Did God fulfill his promises to her in the end? You will find out, as you read.

Here you go, click on either of the buttons below for your most preferred choice, and do have a wonderful reading experience. Do well to send feedback after reading, Thank You!

Do you have a destination?

One day, after school I was supposed to get something done from the main campus, so I left P.Site and made haste to the school gate to get a tricycle.

On reaching the gate, I found that a lot of people too had gone ahead. I could see a lot of tricycles littered around the school gate like red roses on Valentine’s eve.
“Main camp, Terminus, Angwa.” The drivers kept shouting at the top of their lungs these are the possible destinations they could think of.

It was so dramatic to an extent, and excellently confusing too. I noticed that, when a passenger doesn’t want to pay the required ratio, he is quickly rejected. “After all, students are always flocking around and won’t go extinct.” the drivers would say defiantly.

Despite the noise, I could locate a tricycle going my way, and off we went like a fast-moving train, going to a faraway land.

Hey, they are so much noise at the junction of life. There’s so much turbulence at the decision-making end. Make up your mind now, before you arrive at the crossroad.

Do you have a destination? The tricycles are ready, drivers poised like a waiting writer, if you are not sure of your destination, you may be taken afar to a land unknown, strange and alien to your vision and purpose.

All roads do have a destination, but not all roads are meant for you. You have just one life, one purpose, one destination, and one road.

Don’t be in a rush at the crossroad. Don’t be carried away. Remember why you are on a journey, identify your actual route, and tread upon it.

Verse to Instruct “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6;16)



While walking to school every day, I encounter some of the plateau farmers down the bridge working already, on their plantations.

A few of them have their small vegetable farm down the bridge where they plant Cabbage, Carrot, Lettuce, and a host of others.

The bridge was my favorite route and the closest to the school, so I see the farmers almost every day like the moon and stars waving at each other before lighting the dark earth.

Most times, I pause and just watch their activities like one of my favorite Telemundo series.

Their level of commitment and sacrifice is so mind-blowing. These farmers come out early in the morning regardless of the cold, they deep their hands into the frostiness of the flowing moisture and they smile in the act.

What caught my view was a man who had his plantation way farther from the bridge.
He needed to water his grains as well and amazingly, he connected pipes from as far as the bridge, to where his plantation was.

It was like a two-hour trek away from the bridge but that never discouraged him, he got pipes and formed a pathway. He knew his grains would die if not watered, so he acted fast and the piercing cold of the morning could not hinder him.

He acted like a young man determined to get a particular damsel, he’ll do all he can to get her heart, because his daily joy and sweetness are tied around the walls of her neck and the tenderness of her sweet smile.

At the end of the harvest, he got the best yields and his heart hosted a joy so boundless.

Some one too have been out in the cold, so early, regardless of the piercing effect. He has come to form a pathway so that the water of life will reach you. (He’s Jesus)

He knows that, if it doesn’t, you might die, and you will not survive the coming draught.

But I see you frustrating his efforts, I see you removing the pipes, perforating it with earthly pins of sinful desires and it pouring away.

Wolves will soon invade, famine will soon arise, the rivers will soon turn to blood and if you have not been drinking you can’t withstand the adverse condition of the enemy.

Now that you have the provision, please, DRINK TO THE FULL, TILL YOU ARE DRUNK WITH THE HOLY GHOST!!

©IPA fictions.

Look at her!

“Look at her,” the angel said as he opened the book before God, the Supreme.

It’s Mrs. Havilah’s birthday, she’s the Gen Overseer of “THE NEW FOREVER GATE OF THE FIRST BORN ROYAL ASSEMBLY” in the big city of Lagos. The new church has become the most popular and even the talk of the town.

It’s barely two weeks but the overflow can form a church for another ministry.
“Ah, you need to come to my church, It’s Mummy’s birthday,” Michael said. He visited his friends Jude and Laxy on his way back from work.

“Guy we don here na, abi na APC campaign you won do” Laxy responded angrily. “He must have been vexed up earlier from Lagos’s tussle”. They thought. But a bigger issue bothered his heart.

People kept testifying about the good that Mrs. Havilah had done, ” She’s so kind, her ministry has changed me, she’s a gift to this generation” A whole lot of people asserted and prayers were said for her.

The Angels bent their heads in shame, and the 24 elders could not move a limb, “Hmmmm, my name has been blasphemed by men” God sighed.

Her Chronicles was open and a weighing was done.
“Adultery”? God asked. ” Present twice” the angel replied.
“Covetousness, anger, envy, maliciousness”? “Present with her children”, the angel replied.
“Lies, cheating, stealing”? “All present and won’t be leaving soon” he responded.

“Ah, God sighed again, my church is sick” he lamented.

“Laxy why didn’t you dance to celebrate God’s grace on Mummy Havilah’s life, back then in church,” Jude asked, somewhat inquisitive.
“Which grace, which mummy, she’s the woman I slept with last night” he blurted.

Jude opened his mouth and left it hanging, he squinted his eyes in surprise, and silence wore on.

You may be celebrated today for good deeds, but there’s one that weighs every good deed.
There’s one that weighs every spirit, he tests every work by fire.

What manner of man are you?

Are you occupying a space for God, like Mummy Havilah? Are you clean inside out? Are you dead to yourself? Are you ready to face God?

What men say about you, matters just a little. You should be more concerned about the BABA up there. “What is my record there like, I’m I drifting, or am still on track”?

Refuse to finalize to the applause of men. The real matter happens UP THERE!!!




Mama James!

“Mama James, why did you open your Akara mart for here” Madam Igbe, the ideal woman, who just checked into the neighborhood asked.

She met mama James, on her way to work. She couldn’t make breakfast because of the workload at the office. “The visitors will be coming in by 8 Am, you’ve to be around since I’ll be traveling” her boss phoned over the weekend.

Madam Igbe was the Personal Assistant to Mr. Adepoju, the Managing Director of “The Oasis Company”.

“I find space for where goes near the house, I no see, na in I come to find one for her” Mama James, the poor widow made a reply.

She goes there very early with her son James who is now in primary 4. They go to set the fire, clean the surroundings and make ready the sits before the city hums her noisy unpleasant tunes, and shortly after, the sun will shout “hurry, it’s time to scorch the earth again”.

Despite her sleepy eyes and sagging cheeks, she would still smile at her only son James, and the new girl, One who came from the village to assist her. “We’ll make money today and the people meant for us will come” she’d say to them.

“Thank you so much,” Madam Igbe said, and drove off, eating like she just broke thirty days fast. I’m sure, Elder Elijah too must have been peering at her in amazement. “Umm, this is nice” her voice struggled out, as she gulped some more.

One counted the money at the end of the day, and could not believe her eyes.
“Mama, mama” she shouted, it’s over two hundred thousand” she announced.

Just be good, the right people will find you. No matter how hidden from the crowd you think you may be, keep being good.
Elder David didn’t just kill Goliath in one day, he started in the bush, with Bears and Lions where no eyes could glance.

Can we go out all at once, the sun is about to rise, keep on doing what you do, and even today, DO IT BETTER, someday, you will be given the ON STAGE!!

©IPA Fictions