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This is where it hurts!

I come from a placewhere nothing new is fetchedAll future dreams lay bareEven in grandpa’s eyes there are tears. I come from a placeWhere big seats belong to those deemed fitNot even crumbs remain for us to eatCrocodiles surf, and guerillas lurk. I come from a placeWhere justice has gone extinctLaw and order are traffickedContinue reading “This is where it hurts!”


Jasmine!¬©IPA InternationalDayOfTheGirlChild! Dear Jasmine,The flowers and the wind entangledin dance when you cameOur ticking brains paused and our hands trembled when we held you,The stars lined up, radiating light and loveYour magnificence is so bright like crystal and the beautiful feathers of a peacock. Dear Jasmine,Today we celebrate you again as we’ve always doneYou’re theContinue reading “InternationalGirlChild’sDay!”