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Wake up!

“Wake up, wake up!” Mom shouted.
“Oh, my goodness, this is Saturday one should sleep off the week’s stress.” I talked, my eyes sleepy.

“Learning how to rise early is very important, the early bird catches the worm. Haven’t you heard?” she asked, looking in my direction.

This time she had successfully removed the thick cold blocking blanket from my tender warmth seeking body. She stood still and wouldn’t move an inch till I got up.

I was sincerely tired but I had no option. Mom was always on my neck on the issue of getting up early. She believes that anyone who learns the act of getting up early has discovered a bright regulation.

She claims it has a lot of benefits.
Getting things done on time, getting things in the freshest state, and getting the best before other people would get up.

“The morning hours come with this dew that gives whosoever finds it, the best” she’d always say. “Yes ma’am,” I said and moved in her direction as she led me into the kitchen.

I attended to the house chores, I prepared breakfast and amazingly, I still had enough time all to myself. The icing that made the cake even more delicious was when dad returned from his trip.

Mom told him that I got up early and did a whole lot of work. He was so pleased with me and he gave me a gift. Guess what? It was a new laptop.

“How did you get it so well, my prayer point for two months now.” I wondered in my thoughts.

“Oh my God, thanks dad, you’re the best,” I said and gave him a warm cozy hug that lasted for a while.

Getting up early is a bright regulation. Aren’t you tired of always coming behind? Until the sun shines your day hasn’t started.

It’s high time you defined your goals and begin to pursue them and you have to pursue them early.

For that beautiful tomorrow dear reader, start early. Begin the preparation now.
Don’t wait till the opportunity knocks at your door. Strive that it meets you prepared.

I got a laptop from dad, but hey, tomorrow is loaded for what you may never imagine. It’s beyond just a laptop so to speak, if only you will begin early.

Arise early and eat for the journey is FAR!!

©IPA_ Fictions


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