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Baby Vannah!

Baby Vannah leaped for joy the moment her mom returned from work. I was amazed at how well and accurately she could recognize her mom at a very young age.

She wasn’t talking yet but she desired to speak so badly and it was obvious by the way her lips moved. I felt like she was trying to call that name “Mummy, my mummy is back” as she crawled to the door in genuine innocence.

The house was flooded with youngsters playing and jumping around. The sitting room was a whole mess. Trust kids, they will never be in a place and not leave an indelible mark. Baby Vannah couldn’t jump all around like them so she maintained her angle and did her thing. She was happy too but everything wasn’t complete because Mummy was still away.

There was a knock at the door and guess what? Mummy was now in town. “Mummy, mummy they all jumped and leaped for joy when she returned and Baby Vannah wasn’t left out she knew who mummy was and she could feel her presence in earnest warmth.

The room beamed with rejoicing, all faces were lighted. Joy unspeakable and peace so heavenly filled every heart. Daddy has been at home and they enjoyed his stay but there’s something with the return of mummy.

Baby Vannah’s finger drummed in the air she was soaked in complete happiness. “Mummy, mummy,” she whispered in her own way and wouldn’t want her to go away. No, not just yet.

I don’t know what your experience has been. But hey, get up and be ready mummy will soon be in town. Your good news is on the way. Your revival is here. Your answer is ready. Mummy is home!

Baby Vannah knew who mummy was. Mummy brought her joy and made her smile. We also have someone who has promised to bring us joy, make us smile, and lift us. Do you know him? He’s Jesus, the prince of peace.

This promise belongs to those who are his. Remember only the youngsters in the sitting room received the joy that mummy brought.

Hurry now and get to Zion, the city of the king. Only in Zion are joy and peace given. Only in Zion lies the true blessing of heaven coming down to man.

As for me, I’m off to Zion! Join me now, the gate is still wide open!



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