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You’ve been called to obey!

How have you ever felt bad about obeying God? Have you ever thought that you were right and that you should have your way at least, just once? I felt the same too. I wanted so badly to follow my feelings, to do what was right in my sight. But yet, the issue of explicit obedience stood right before my heavy eyes and whispered, “Hey Jane, you can’t back out now.” And so, I had to obey him even when it wasn’t reasonable to my feeble heart.

 As God’s children, we have been called into a life of explicit and unprocrastinated Obedience! Hey, join me, let’s have a look-see.

What is Obedience?

Obedience in its simplest form is Compliance and submission. Dutifulness, duty, reverence, respect.

One of the requirements of Christian living is a life of Obedience. You are required to submit your all in obedience on the altar of sacrifice. You have been called to respect and submit to a higher authority, opinion, plan, and path whether it seems reasonable to you or not.

Obedience demands that you just obey and trust his invisible hand that leads you. It is also interesting to know that if your obedience is not explicit, prompt, and unwavering then, it is not complete. God has not called you unto a phony show of religion. He desires to punish the disobedience of this age but that can only be achieved when your Obedience is complete.

     Can Obedience be learned?

Yes, Obedience can be learned. You can grow to that point of complete and explicit Obedience. God expects undivided loyalty from you as his child.

Obedience can be learned through the things you suffer. Scripture informs in (Hebrews 5:8) that Jesus learned obedience through the things he suffered. He was God himself but yet, he was humble enough to take the form of man and to die on the big tree called Calvary. 

Have you ever thought why he prayed so badly that the cup pass over him? He did so because dying on the cross was a hard decision. Taking the form of a man wasn’t that easy. But hey, he choose to obey the Father by accepting to drink from the bitter cup. He’s Obedience was not complete until he tasted death for mankind.

Most times, God brings a whole lot of difficult experiences your way. You may even want to imagine “Is God aware I’m his child, why is all this happening to me?” That was the same way Jesus felt when he was forsaken at the Cross.

But it’s amazing to note that, God allows you to experience all of those that the life of Obedience might be formed in you.

Sometimes it could be a wave of lack sweeping through every aspect of your life. It could be a delay in receiving the answers to your most urgent prayers. It could be a failure in your most esteemed escapade and so many other things. It’s always best to trust God to help your heart to be quiet so that your days of learning will not be futile.

Divine moments are not repeated. 

Though the oven might be hot he’s only trying you that the dark spots be completely swabbed out of your life. He desires to bring you to a point of total surrender, a climax of unwavering Obedience that his counsel will be fulfilled upon the face of the earth.

       Can Obedience be Tested?

Yes, your Obedience can be tested. Scripture informs that Abraham, our father and great hero of Faith had his Obedience tested. He had been trusting and waiting on God for more than decades. When God finally showed up, Sarah’s womb hopped, for the promised child was settled in there. The joyous moment was second to none.  Happiness and laughter were all they knew and when the baby came, Sarah was overwhelmed. Her warm hands held baby Isaac softly and her thick blanket was wrapped around his tender being. 

“This God is too good.” She must have said looking up into the blue sky. She may have imagined God nodding his head and saying, “I make all things beautiful in my own time.”

Elder Abraham thought this Joy was forever but boom, his heart burned with pain and his eyes teary when God said, “Give Isaac to me.” His all was demanded. His only source of genuine happiness was to be surrendered. His Isaac was to be offered. His Obedience was tested. 

Can you offer your ‘Isaac’ whatever it may be if he demands it? Can you cease to own what most you price? Can you say, “Here is it lord, it never was mine?”

Elder Abraham passed the test and it was imputed unto him as righteousness. He became the friend of God. We can’t over-flog this issue. All through the scriptures Men that pulled down the hand of God were men who lived a life of Obedience. God is set to do so much more in your days if your all on the altar you lay. He’s all out to launch you into the realm of intimate communion if only you’ll obey. He’s watching to know how much you can let go for him! 

Always remember, Obedience is the very BEST way to show that you BELIEVE!


Spirit vs Flesh!

“Mummy, mummy we messed up,” I shouted at the top of my lungs as hot tears streamed down my eyes. Slowly my knees bent to the ground and my hands on my head.

“Hey, Dorcas, calm down and talk to me. You know can tell me anything dear. You are safe with me, you’re safe in God.” she pacified, patting me softly on the back. Silence separated us for a while then I broke the news.

“What have you done?” she screamed and broke down in tears. It is two weeks to my wedding and my consecration for years was broken because of my carelessness.

We needed to tie up our wedding plans and I visited Pius in his flat. We even prayed before and after. The last thing I remembered was that he held my hand after the prayers and when I was done dreaming I saw myself stripped to the full.

“Mummy, how did it happen?” Why didn’t God stop us, why? Where was his spirit when I was stripping?” I asked and I felt like entering into the ground if it would open.

“You may have prayed my dear, but you forget the war code. It’s spirit vs flesh. Yes, you may have the spirit but when you don’t allow it to guide you, your emotions will take over, the flesh will rule and you will fall.”

“We have been wired emotionally and at the least fuelling it sparks and burns. It takes over us before we’ll ever come to the realization. So you must insist not to be led by your emotions, your feelings, but always to walk in the spirit.” she talked.

“But mummy, what do I do now?” I asked. Her mouth opened gently and she was about to speak when I jolted from sleep.

“Oh, was it a dream?” My thought raced and I quickly turned on the standing fan. I was drenched like a chick left at the mercy of the broad strokes of July rain. “This must be a message,” I said, went down on my knees, and wrestled in prayer. “Your mercy lord.” I cried.

For Dorcas, it was a dream but yours may not. You are in for battle dear reader, it’s spirit vs flesh, your emotions and feelings do not have what it takes to guide you. If your consecration is broken, your foundation is destroyed.

Don’t tempt the devil because he’ll fall. He cannot overcome it. Set boundaries, ask for mercy, and walk in the spirit. By strength, no man shall prevail.

Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand the enemy. Be STRONG in the LORD and in the POWER of his MIGHT

Don’t forget, you are in for war, so WALK in the SPIRIT!


To the Elders at the GATES!

Dear discipler, where have you been? You haven’t replied to my last mail and I’m still here, lost between two choices. You promised to return the call after you see my beep. It’s been weeks and my heart is fainting.

Photo credit- google

Dear discipler, where have you been? I thought you agreed to watch over me. I thought you promised to pray for me. Why do I feel so cold? My foes are ever near me, they are around me and within. I’m on the verge of giving in, the temptations surrounding me are strong. Can you please call me tonight?

Dear discipler, where have you been? You haven’t written unto me for a while. Don’t you know I need your letter so badly? Your letter has been to me blocks of wisdom on this lonely road to heaven.

Dear discipler, the battleground is fierce I am at the side where the war is strong. When last did you send me a glass of water? I am wearing the whole armor but sometimes the warmth of your presence, the capsule of your wisdom is all I need. When will I see you again?

Dear discipler, I am afraid, that this highway is getting lonely by the day. The darkness of the night has caught up with me. Can you come and point me to the light? Can you just as least listen to me? I had a dream that I was drowning in the ocean of sin. My love for God is growing cold, please come, I want to see you again.

Dear discipler, I need to see you. I need to read your letter again. Please fail not to send me a mail, this side of the battle is fierce but I’ll keep pressing, I know I will overcome!

Dear elders at the gate, the young men are fainting for thirst and they need you. Don’t give up on them, don’t be tired of correcting, and don’t be fed up because they are slow in learning.

Heaven is lamenting, “Oh, why have the elders ceased from the gate? Where have they gone to? My people are now going to Egypt.”

Dear Mentors, discipler, Elders, Fathers, and Mothers, we need you at the Gates. Please don’t be tired. Don’t be too busy, you’ve been made a WATCH MAN to carry the ARK, to MAN the GATES!

Verse to instruct Lam 5:14″The elders have ceased from the gate, the young men from their musick.”


Be the Best!

“Be the best! Be the Best!” the Pastor hollered at some point in his sermon while we were seated in Church on Sunday.

“wuh.” I mouthed, releasing the quick rush of air that formed a ball around my cheeks. My face was lit and my heart burned in shock.
“Wow, so that means God is interested in my academic excellence,” I whispered, nodding my head in amazement like I discovered some sort of precious gold in the depth of the soil.

I quickly remembered the story of Elder Daniel, how he excelled academically and I went to go through his documentary in the holy writ and then amazingly, I understood a dogma.

Elder Daniel was tremendously excellent but it was not limited to his Academic life but in all that he ever did. From being a Hebrew slave to being a Student at the University of Babylon, and to being the Prime Minister, Elder Daniel was excellent. He did not only pass all his exams, but he also interpreted dreams that marveled the Astrologians and the wise men of Babylon.

Aren’t you Curious just the way I am? Why was he so excellent at all he ever did?

He was excellent because the spirit of excellence from God was upon him.
You too can learn from the life of Elder Daniel and trust that the lord will give you the same. Our world will only bow when we exude matchless excellence in all that we do. Business, Career, and also in our Academics. In all facets of life, even if you are a cleaner, clean excellently that you become the chief and best cleaner in that. organization.

God did it before and he will do it again. He bestowed matchless excellence on many young people in the days of old. (Exodus 31:1-6) explicitly informs us how God filled young lives like Bezaleel, and Aholiab with his Spirit of divine excellence, Understanding, and Cunning Craftmanship to devise all manner of works in gold, silver, and brass.

“Be the best.” is not just a snippet from the Pastor’s sermon. It is the Father’s heart cry. He isn’t asking for much right? I believe he is not, so plunge right in and gain mastery of your skill. How can you be excellent?

  1. If you desire it.
    You can be excellent if you desire it and if you ask the father for it. In John(16:24) scripture says, “You’ve not received because you’ve not asked.” Ask God today. He’s willing to give liberally to all men. He is highly interested in you being excellent, so even before you speak he knows, and he’ll grant you the desire of your heart according to his word.
  2. By working at it.
    Being excellent involves going the extra mile in everything you do. You don’t just do things like every other person. You need to resolve to become deliberate at doing what you do well. Be responsible. Be disciplined. Make a difference. Arrive on time. Meet deadlines. Be consistent. Set your goals and be accountable. Are you a student? Then you must learn to plan your time and stick to it. Identify things not urgent and let them slide.

Are you a business owner, Doctor, Lecturer, or Entrepreneur? Gain mastery. Be so good that you can’t be ignored.

Why is God interested in your Excellence?

Have you ever pondered on the reason why King Nebuchadnezzar gave out the qualities of the kind of young men to be recruited in (Dan 1:3-4)?
Have you also ever pondered on the reason why King Ahasuerus emphasized ‘young fair Virgins’ in (Esther 2:1-4)?

It was because they wanted the best!

If men could be this meticulous in their recruitment how much more is your heavenly Father? He will only give you the mountain you’re asking for when you have all it takes to keep the gates. Be the best. Lift the banner. Be excellent at what you do only then will the world bow to the king in you.

God is set to do great things on earth but he can’t do it without YOU. He needs your skill. He needs your body. He needs your prowess. He needs your acumen. Let’s plunge right in and BE THE BEST!


Come of Age!

There was a man born blind in the Bible and his case was pathetic. “Are you sure he’s not suffering from his past sins or maybe is that of his parents?” Elder Peter said.
Jesus, Peter, and others were having a stroll on a friday evening when they met this man. (John 9)

“Oh dear, I tell you, this man didn’t sin neither did his parents but he was born blind that the works of my father be made manifest in him,” Jesus announced as they moved closer. Compassion grabbed his heart and his spirit was lifted.

“Let’s get set, it’s time for some virtues to be released.” Elder Peter must have said. He knows what Jesus can do so he was assured of seeing another miracle happen again. Jesus spat on the ground, made clay, and anointed the eyes of the blind man.

“Hey, go wash in the pool of Siloam,” Jesus instructed. This man did and was made whole.
A joy so pure wrapped his heart and he headed right straight to the temple.

“It’s testimony time.” the Pharisees announced and this man was among the first five.
After his tremendous testimony, the elders of the synagogue got angry at his parents “Was he not born blind, who healed you? How come he can now see?” They asked.

“Oh, why are you so upset? Is this not a miracle, we should all be happy right? He’s over there and he’s of age. Go and ask him let him speak for himself.” The parents replied and stomped out in anger. The Pharisees were so desperate and couldn’t believe their ears when they got to this man.

“Who healed you?” they asked in an unhappy tone. , “I know the man that healed me, he’s Jesus.” the healed man made a reply. He was so bold and was ready to get at them.
His response melted their hearts and their faces folded in annoyance. They couldn’t say further and one by one they strolled out in a file like hungry tired men in exile.

This man was of age and he dished out an informed response. He remembered the name of the miracle worker. He knew who Jesus was and he was bold enough to declare it.

Are you of age? This man came of age he knew he was blind and he was tired of his situation. Are you of age, do you even know that you’re blind?
Cry out now before Jesus becomes far from reach. He’s gone out for a stroll on your street.

The Pharisees of this age are at the door and your healing will be questioned. Do you know the man that healed you? You need to know him to answer them. Can’t you see, his parents walked out, he alone faced these enemies of righteousness.

The devil too is at the gate waiting for you. How much of God do you know? Don’t forget, Your victory lies in the remembrance of the man who has healed you. He’s the Jesus, the balm of GILEAD!

We ain’t got time, COME OF AGE!


Governor-elect, Worships At Chapel of Faith University of Jos; Medical Awareness Weekend.

“If you have prayed us into office, it is the time to pray that we remain in office; to remain with a focus; to remain with a purpose; to remain with a determination that we would see the glory of God in Plateau State again.” GCM, (Governor Caleb Mutfwang) said while addressing the congregation.

The Medical awareness weekend was an awesome moment, it was held at the Chapel of Faith Auditorium, University of Jos on April 22, 2023. Student members as well as staff and children were given a free medical screening. They had the privilege to have their weight, pulse, and Bp(blood pressure) checked, and other minor medical issues were also attended to.

Free medical screening is being carried out

Consultants, Gynaecologists, Lab scientists, Dentists, Pharmacists, Opticians, and other medical attendants were present and they gave the people maximum attention. They were all members of the Chapel medical team and they approached this exercise with a huge sense of responsibility.

Pharmacists with drugs for free distribution

Sports activities were also carried out over the cause of the weekend. Activities like Football, Volleyball, and Badminton took place by both males and females in the Chapel premises.

A group playing football
A group playing Volleyball

The Medical outreach was wrapped up on Sunday, April 23, 2023. The service began at 8 Am at the Chapel of Faith auditorium and the theme was Christian Family and Mental Health. The guest speaker was a Consultant, Dr. Annah Gyang from JUTH(Jos University Teaching Hospital).

She started by stating the meaning of mental health. “Mental health is a state in which an individual realizes his full potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, works productively, and contributes to his or her community.”

She proceeded to say that “mental illness affects an individual’s feeling, thinking, and behavior. She added that as individuals, we cannot become in full dimension what God has called us to be if our minds are not intact.”

Mental illness can affect a family starting with the Parents and then to the children. It can be internal(your interpretation of reality) or external (as a result of your environment).
Mental Health and psychological problems have a very fast way of affecting the mind of an individual. You should always speak nicely to people, support them and show them love -you never can tell what an individual might be going through.

During the service, the Governor-elect, GCM, His Excellency, Governor Caleb Mutfwang walked into the Chapel together with his entourage. It was an amazing moment.

GCM and his entourage at the Chapel of Faith

Informing the congregation of his presence, the Chaplain said that His Excellency, GCM while on campus served as two times Vice-President at the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) and he was the Prayer Secretary. This ensued applause amongst the youthful members.

Addressing the congregation, GCM, recounted his undergraduate days at the University of Jos, as a Law Student. He told the congregation how, he stayed at compound 1, room 24 at the famous Student Village Hostel together with the Chaplain, Prof. Ishmael Ogboro, his roommate, and how they always drink one of the student’s favorites (Garri) together. It was an emotional moment for the congregation and silence swept through for a while as they all had their eyes fixed on him.

GCM, addressing the Congregation

His excellency added that as an Alumni he would support the University and contribute his quota to making it a better and more conducive learning environment.

“it pays to serve Jesus,” he said and requested that prayers be made for him.
“We know that it is not by power, it is not by might. It can only be by the Spirit of the lord. So, if you have prayed us into office, it is the time to pray that we remain in office; to remain with a focus; to remain with a purpose; to remain with a determination that we would see the glory of God in Plateau State again.”

The Chaplain together with the Chairman and Board of Elders prayed for His Excellency while he knelt in humility. His visit to the Chapel of Faith spoke volumes as he openly identified with the body of Christ. We hope to see a positive change in Plateau State during his tenure.

The medical team still availed themselves after the church service to give interested individuals a free medical screening.

GCM is being prayed for

A Reporter’s Diary,
April 24, 2023.

Learn of Him!

“You did so well.” Rebekah said to her friend that evening. They went for rehearsal and the whole choir members were taken aback at how amazing Edna pitched the note. It was way high and they all ran from it. “Sir, let me try.” Edna said to the Choir director and he was cool with it.
He let her try and that was all they needed.

“Wow, wow.” the rest of the members said and they stood to clap for her. “That was amazing.” They all confirmed wearing obvious ropes of admiration buttoned with respect.

“Have you been practicing?” Rebekah asked as they walked back home. She was so amazed and she wished she could sing so well too. “Yes, I have.” Edna made a reply. She folded her hands and hugged her chest as they walked slowly down the tared road.
“I visited my elder sister and stayed there during the break. She is so steeped in music and she thought me.” Edna talked.

“Wow, tell me more.” Rebekah said showing barrels of interest.

“She made sure I did the song everyday under the keen attention of her eager ears. She corrected my mistakes and so it continued till I left. That’s why I became so good at it.” Edna said, she smiled at Rebekah and patted her back softly.

“Wow, it is so similar to the story of Jesus and his disciples,” Rebekah said and a rush of interest tugged at Edna’s heart.

“Oh, wow, tell me more,” Edna said.

“You know when Jesus called his disciples he said, learn of me. That means he called them to discover something new and when they came out it was clear that they had been with him. Your visit to your sister means the same. You went to stay with her and you learned of her too. “Yeah, I understand. That’s so amazing dear.” Edna responded. Her hands lifted and her eyes closed.

“So now, it’s my turn to learn of, you,” Rebekah said jokingly and they held each other’s hand and chuckled. “Let the lesson begin!” Edna screamed.
They kept singing till they got home.

After Edna’s visit to her elder sister, it was obvious that a change occurred. When the disciples too came out after staying with Jesus, the people pointed at them and every mouth talked, “They are like Christ.”

Dear reader, your staying with him is of no good if you are not learning of him. Learn of Jesus. Carry your cross and follow him daily.

There are high pitch songs in life that you may be needed to sing.(It could be a task, a difficult experience or a battle of your faith etc,) How experienced are you?

Edna did so well because she learned well. Now that the master calls for you, please respond to him. One day you will be needing that lesson to overcome the enemy.

Hurry now, he’s in class, let’s go LEARN of HIM!


I was Kicked out of Class!

One morning, we were all seated in class dressed in our amazing outfits of blue and black with a touch of red. Prof. Jane was the one taking the course, African Communication Systems and you dare not come late to class not to talk of entering when she is in.

With this knowledge, we all made sure we were quietly seated when it was an hour before her lecture. I was always among the early bird so I sat in front and I went through my note for a quick remembrance. I was excited at the rush of ideas that flowed as I scanned through. The germs of fresh knowledge stained my archive and my face wore a delighted look.

I lifted my eyes at intervals to also catch the beat in the lecture room. My eyes were returning to my note when it captured a senior colleague passing. “Oh, hello, good morning,” I said smiling broadly as I stepped out.

“Peace girlie, so happy to see you. How was the break?” she asked and we had a warm, sweet, and friendly hug. After a while, I bid her farewell and hurried back.

“Oh, my God.” I said.

Prof. Jane was in and without a Prophet, I knew I was not going to be allowed in. I tried to explain but she wouldn’t listen. It was a heavy-load credit unit course and I felt bad standing outside for two hours. Every passer-by looked at me like I wasn’t a serious type but I didn’t have the chance to explain. So there I stood, my face tied in regrets. “Why did I step out?” I asked.

Standing out that day made me remember what the five unwise virgins experienced. We are always quick to judge them. “yes, they were so unwise. They should have carried extra oil.” we’d say. But have you ever thought it could be you?

I knew Prof. Jane would come but since she wasn’t in I stepped out innocently. I arrived long before time and I wasn’t late for school but yet, I missed the class. Those virgins too did all. They only forgot to carry an extra oil.

Dear reader, this can happen to you too. You may be thinking, “Oh, I’ve obeyed all the commandments, what else? Heaven’s gate is gonna open wide when I show up. But I’m afraid, the Angels may push you out.

This calls for extra carefulness. Walking in the Spirit. Those virgins felt so bad. All they’ve ever waited for. Imagine what neighbors, friends, and family would have said to them. Hey, can you check your heart? There’s no attempt in this heavenly matter. It’s a ‘welcome’ or ‘depart’ notice!

Don’t be unwise. Stay with him. Understand the times. Go extra in your consecration. Keep your fire BURNING!


The Praise Leader!

One beautiful Sunday I jolted from sleep and yawned loudly. “Oh my goodness, we’d be late,” I said to my kid sis after looking out from the window. The sun was up and her sharp ray lighted the blue sky. I saw some people on their way already. My neighbor too was set with his big black Bible held tightly in his hand. “Hmmm, revival is not far from happening,” I told my kid sis and she ran to the window to see for herself.

“If the whole Shadrach is set and on his way, then we can’t be late,” she said and we got set at lightning speed. Shadrach was always not in Church but it seems like angel Gabriel visited his room last night. “This Sunday is blessed.” I hummed.

Minutes later we were in church. All thanks to Prof. Uloko who gave us a lift. “Thank you, sir,” we announced showing genuine appreciation. Our faces lit and a sincere smile hung on the edge of our lips.

We hurried into the church and soon the praise team was invited. “Lizzy, is this woman blind?” I drew close to my kid sis and whispered into her ears. “I think so.” She made a reply.
The praise leader was led to the pulpit and she was given the mic. Oh my God, it was an amazing experience. She sang beautifully despite her condition. The atmosphere was charged and we felt God. Burdens were lifted, and there was this Joy so heavenly that settled upon our hearts. “Thank you, Jesus, thank you, lord,” I said as I bowed my heart to God in earnest gratitude.

Can you be grateful for what you have even though it’s little? The praise leader was blind but yet she sang “Come and see the lord is good.”

Can you judge God faithfully even in hard times?
Are you grateful to him for that Job you didn’t get? Are you grateful for that exam you failed, that relationship that couldn’t work out, even for our country that looks bleak?

If the blind, the lame, the deaf, the poor and needy, the sick ones, the orphans and widows can praise him, then we that are whole should too. Let all that has breath praise the Lord!

Go ahead and tell him you’re grateful and you believe that he loves you MIRACLE or NOT!